NEET 2021 2022 Study Plan and Preparation Tips

    1. Get rid of any type of distraction affecting your studies by identifying the most productive hours in your studies. Get the most productive hours in a day whether in early morning, day time or late night. Utilise the best hours in effective way of studies.
    2. Study in sessions of an hour or more depending on your sitting capacity and concentration taking short breaks in between of 5 to 15 minutes. Small breaks in studies help in staying focussed on the subjects and questions.
    3. Make your goals smaller and increase it during the span of preparation according to the concentration and sitting capacity. Goals can be numbers of questions to be solved in a day or chapters to revise in one go or even the concepts to clear in particular time. Make sure your goals are clear and planned in well thought manner so that it can be achieved in dedicated time. Keep in mind that your goals are planned properly and you have not dedicated excess of time to a chapter or concept that does not need much effort. This will cut-off your time for completion of syllabus or revision. Revision is also having the same weightage as the studying the preparation. Recommended span of setting  and achieving goals should of each week planned.
    4. NEET tests your basics of your concepts. For clearing your basics, go through NCERT line by line so that nothing would be skipped. You can go through NCERT or  any coaching classes in your area or Lalan’s Coaching Classes in Guwahati, Assam. Your basics and concepts should be smoothly clear.
    5. If you are joining any coaching institute for preparation, go through each and every study material prepared by the coaching to complete each and every concepts of the subjects.
    6. NCERT is very important for NEET entrance exams. Try remembering examples, diagrams and summary of the chapters by use of Mnemonics or other strategies.
    7. If any of the topic or concept is not clear to you, go for the doubt session in your coaching or read the theory of the topic again and again till the time it would be clear and feel familiar and easy. Follow the topics and concepts to be covered in NEET syllabus only and don’t fall in deep of any topic beyond the syllabus and is not required as there’s already a lot of things to study and revise.

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  1. You can find different ways of solving a problem such that the next solution technique can be easier and less time-consuming than the previous one, you can take help from your mentor if it can be solved at faster pace and ease even when you have already solved the problems.
  2. NEET preparation needs a lot of practice. The practice of each and every topic and chapters plays a significant role in improving concepts more clearer along with the confidence. If you clear and practice any of the topic or chapter, you would have the confidence that if questions come from this topic whether easy or difficult, “I can solve it”.
  3. Regular test are much important to measure your level of preparation at regular intervals that how much you are ready for the exams. It will improve speed, accuracy and time management skills in exams.
  4. Making short notes is beneficial for revising a chapter or concept in short time in organised way. Short notes can be prepared by diagrams with examples of Biology, important dates with years of Ecology, writing formulas of Physics, short tricks and reactions of Chemistry.
  5. If you are taking coaching for preparation, make sure your class notes are always complete and you don’t miss any class. Review your class notes daily at the end of the each day. These review make your concept and topic stronger than the others. If any doubts or questions arises, just ask the doubt in class and don’t hesitate in clearing your doubts in class. Don’t miss any of the assignment and should be on time. Even you can go through short summary of the topic that is to be taught in next class, this would help you understanding the topics with more clearer feel and picture in your mind.
  6. Make charts, formula tables, classification tables on your study table or on wall in front of your study place so that it would be visible naturally to you. Start revising as early as you can or even from the same day that you have studied in a proper distribution of time.
  7. Sleep and rest properly for atleast 7-8 hours a day. Don’t overthink about the things and preparation and take care of your health physically and mentally.

NEET 2021 Syllabus,Application,Exam Date,Eligibility, Pattern, Preparation Tips

To start preparing for NEET Exam Preparation, You have to study all the things being taught from your school or coaching. NEET exam preparation is your first step of becoming a doctor. If you really want to clear the NEET exams with a good score with anxious mind, you should follow a dedicated strategy for preparation which can be as follows:

  1. Go through your NEET Syllabus and exam pattern to prepare for.
  2. Study Material to choose for preparation.
  3. Strict time table to follow.
  4. Start your preparation today to take lead over others.
  5. Prepare your own notes.
  6. Practice with your concepts and notes.
  7. Regular revision of the problems and concepts.
  8. Other Important points to follow.

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Clearing NEET exams with good score can’t be done in a single day, you have to prepare for a long journey of NEET Preparation with few points.

  1. Go through the subject weightage of each subjects and toughness level of each chapters to be completed in each of the subjects.

Your Exams will be of Total 720 marks. Out of 720, you have to set a goal of getting 650+ marks.

  1. An effective study plan is required to start for the preparation.
  2. You have to prepare for three subjects:

Biology consists of 90 Questions (360 marks)

Chemistry consists of 45 Questions (180 marks)

Physics consists of 45 Questions (180 marks)


As you are preparing to become a doctor, you just don’t have to study Biology but should start loving Biology.

Even though alone Biology is having weightage equal to collectively of the marks weightage of Chemistry and Physics combine, but never under-estimate these subjects too. You just can’t clear NEET with good marks unless you clear all concepts of Chemistry and Physics along with Biology.

  1. Revise regularly for each of the subjects.
  2. Solve MCQs, and Previous year Papers.
  3. Get enrolled in Mock Tests of Coaching before exams to clear your nervousness.

NEET 2020: Submission Date of NEET Application Form Extended



Neet form date extended


NEET 2020: Submission Date of NEET Application Form Extended

NEET 2020 last date for application form has been extended by the National Testing Agency to January 6, 2020.


The Application Form for NEET 2020 has been released on Dec 2, 2019 at 5:00 PM for online registration through NEET official website:

Neet form date extended

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has also discussed and released clarification for the 'State of Eligibility' for 15% of the seats in All India Quota on December 18, 2019. In addition to this, the NTA has also provided offline NEET application forms for those aspirants only belonging to Kashmir valley or Leh. 

As per the official notifications from NTA, earlier last date submission of online application form was December 31, 2019 (till 11:50 pm) has been extended to January 6, 2020 (till 11:50 pm). Additionally, the earlier last date of final transaction of the fee was Jan 01, 2020 (till 11:50 pm) which has been extended till January 7, 2020 (till 11:50 pm). The decision has been taken in a view that the aspirants rush who have not filled the online application form till date. The date of correction in particulars has no change and that will remains January 15, 2020 to January 31, 2020 (till 11:50 pm).

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