Dropper Course:

Course For:

This course is for students who have passed classed 12th and planning for 1 year preparation course for NEET-UG, JEE Main, JEE (Main + Advanced), CEE. The Students are being taught from basic to nourish their talent to advance level in current session.

Course Structure:

The course structure in this course involves classroom classes of each and every chapters to be covered in syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE Main, JEE (Main+Advanced) & CEE and Physics, Chemistry and Biology for NEET-UG & AIIMS of class 11th & 12th with DPPs(Daily Practice Papers), Open Tests, Doubt Sessions, Concept Clearance.

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Different foundation programs are as:

1 year Dropper course for JEE Main

1 year Dropper course for JEE Main+Advanced

1 year Dropper course for NEET-UG

Course Content:

  • Regular Classroom Coaching
  • Concept Clearing Classes
  • Regular Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Regular distribution of DPPs and Study Materials
  • Regular Feedback of students and parents at personal level
  • Periodic Test Conduction