F.T Rahman

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Mayurakshi Mam is very punctual and teaches us Zoology in avery simple way. She always try to make each and every topic clear and also provides us with some extra ideas and notes. She teaches us very well making Zoology so easy to learn. Also provides with tricks to memorize the things.

I am very thankful to Ma'am for teaching us so well.

Mushina Rahman

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On the very beginning, I would like to express my heartfelt guidance to Lalan sir, for his able guidance motivation and inspiration to achieve my goal. It is worth mentioning that Lalan sir has deep concepts of all critical problems of chemistry and has tremendes patience to clear the doubts of students.
I thank you sir once again and convey my best wishes to LCC

Y Bishal Singha

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I feel blessed to be apart of the list among the achievers of 2015 batch od LCC. Under the guidance of chemistry, physics and maths sir, I was able to acheive my dream. The easy method and techniques for solving numericals made study easy and interesting. DPPs and test at regular intervals helped me to improve my speed, made me study regularly with dedication. Constant encourgement by my teachers, their effort and my hard labour made it possible.I would like to thank Lalan Sir, Aman sir and Prabhat sir.

Nayanjyoti Kakati

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I would like to thank Lalan sir for his guidance throughout my preparation he has been very supportive me in my yearlong journey towards IIT.
Under his guidance, Iwent from disliking Chemistry to loving it. I am really glad to have him as my teacher cum guide.